Services Provided



he Rosebank Management District (RMD) and the Lower Rosebank Management District (LRMD) are bordered by Oxford, Bolton, Jellicoe and Jan Smuts Avenue. The RMD/ LRMD provides a fully equipped and uniformed security and cleaning force. The majority, 60%, is made up of Urban Genesis Operations (UGO) staff. The UGO squad comprises an Operations Manager, an operations supervisor, a cleaning supervisor, a controller based at the site office, 15 urban ambassadors, two scooter drivers, a truck driver dedicated to waste removal, 15 cleaners and three maintenance men for small public space maintenance jobs. The outsourced component of security staff includes a site senior, a controller, two supervisors and two reaction crewmen, split between two vehicles and 16 Public Safety Ambassadors.

Coordination of the team on the ground is done from a control room situated in 50 Bath Avenue, which is in radio and telephone contact with the security officers and the police. They also play a vital role as district ambassadors and since the establishment of the district have assisted the public with thousands of enquiries related to shops, hotels, public facilities, transport, banks and tourist attractions.

The RMD/LRMD security committee was established to monitor and address all aspects of security in the district and it meets on a monthly basis. It investigates ways to reduce crime, analyses current trends, identifies traffic and taxi problems and follows up on by-law enforcement. Any other issues that have an impact on security are identified and measures introduced to minimise criminal activity.


The RMD/ LRMD provides cleaning services through Urban Genesis Operations (UGO) to administer services supplementary to those provided by the local authorities to ensure a clean environment. The team, easily recognisable in their distinctive blue and yellow uniforms, are responsible for:

  • Removal of litter from pavements and gutters
  • Removal of illegal posters and stickers
  • Cleaning tree wells
  • Basic street maintenance and weeding of traffic islands
  • Removal of refuse bags


The RMD/LRMD is involved in marketing and promoting the area. A marketing committee meets regularly to discuss ways to create awareness of Rosebank.  Rosebank was rebranded at the end of 2009 with new uniforms for the security and cleaning, branded dustbins, a new look website and newsletler, and a new look for the site office. Promotional materials are the annual Rosebank Review, a self-funded directory of listings of all Rosebank businesses and services, and the Rosebank Panoramic Map.


The RMD/LRMD works with the Rosebank Homeless Association. Additionally the RMD/LRMD is involved with informal trade management, as well as minibus and metered taxis. It also facilitates capital improvements and has long term projects for environmental upgrading and socio economic initiatives in the area. Visible Service Delivery meetings are convened monthly with council officials to address all outstanding maintenance items.